The Museum of Telephone History celebrates its third birthday

Three years ago, on 25th April 2018, the Museum opened its doors on Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Street. Since then, the staff studied and restored many interesting exhibits, conducted hundreds of interactive tours for adults and children, launched a new master class format on the basics of electromagnetism and telegraphy (called ‘Class with Experiments’) and implemented a number of educational and corporate projects. The Museum is developing, moving forward, manoeuvring in the stream of new technologies, but also not forgetting about tradition.

As part of the anniversary celebration, the Museum team has prepared a special program for visitors.

The official part of the celebration opened with the presentation of a new unique art object - an iron telegraph pole made by the SIEMENS BROTHERS Company, brought here by the Museum team from the Crimea.

The guides and museum experts Vladimir Tsukor and Tamara Urumyan shared fascinating facts about the Indo-European Telegraph and told a fascinating story about the journey of the pole from the far Crimea straight to Moscow.

Tamara Urumyan also led her exclusive excursion entitled ‘The telephone and the national character’. The exclusiveness of the story was emphasized by the fact that the excursion program was created by Tamara especially for the Museum’s birthday. Afterwards the organizers invited listeners to the museum cafe for the interactive lecture by the guide Alexander Ivanov entitled ‘How the telephone made money’. 

A buffet and informal socializing of guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere were a pleasant conclusion to the celebration.

The Museum of Telephone History was created on the basis of the private collection of Vitaly Yesopov, the head of Mastertel. The Company itself oversees and supports the Museum. The Museum boasts the largest European collection of rare telephone sets and accessories of the late 19th to mid-20th Centuries, with more than 2,000 exhibits (including many unique ones).

The Museum's space is divided into several zones: exposition, creative and presentation. The exposition zone hosts artefacts from the Museum exhibits and offers interactive excursions. The creative zone hosts thematic master-classes. The presentation zone is used for press conferences, seminars and business events.