Read the third issue of Digital Ocean

A magazine with a board game on the cover - is it possible? It sure is!

The cover of Digital Ocean #3 is a board game about gadgets and new technologies, which the magazine team prepared in collaboration with the Museum of Telephone History. The game requires chips and a die and the rules will be familiar to everyone since childhood.

The topic of Digital Ocean #3 is the upcoming era of 5G high-speed networks: the prospects, myths and fears of users. With its arrival, experts predict big changes in the use of mobile devices: virtual reality on the move, interactive live broadcasts, the Internet of Things, the smart home, unmanned transport, remote medicine and even projection holograms directly from smartphones. 

Also in the magazine you'll find a great article on how computer life was booming seventy years ago, a piece on marketplaces, and an overview of devices that are connected in five years.

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On 1st June, Digital Ocean launches an online portal about the digital transformation of life. Watch the countdown at  Digital Ocean.