Интернет для операторов связи 10G+

It is important for communications operators to receive:

  • Reliable access to the Internet,

  • Good connectivity,

  • The minimum number of intermediate nodes to all global traffic exchange points,

  • Maximum connection speed,

  • Adequate cost of services.

The unique Master-Connect infrastructure network, built on high-quality optical fiber, allows customers to offer broadband channels. Master-Connect’s network infrastructure unites all the data centers of Moscow region, as well as all points of information exchange and docking of communications providers. All international telecom operators somehow use the infrastructure of Mastertel’s network to organize reliable ‘last mile’ channels for their customers. Thanks to this, Mastertel has the ability to provide effective communications services to any operator in accordance with its requirements.

The advantage of the Master-Connect network is that the operator can lease its resources at any time. After installing the necessary equipment, the operator can offer any kind of communications and data transmission for the mass consumer. To connect to the Internet, fiber-optic channels with a wide bandwidth are used.

Key features of the provided solution:

  • Short connection time,

  • High connection speed (up to 100 Gb/s and higher),

  • Flexible tariffs.

For the actual connection, digital communications channels can be used with speeds of 1, 10, or 100 Gbit/s and above. Alternatively fiber-optic communications lines are organized to the desired traffic exchange point. Mastertel can provide a connection to the traffic exchange point in any way or can organize an operator-level connection anywhere in Moscow using its routing network with the specified parameters of connectivity to the global network.

Service level agreements (SLAs) signed with customers can provide for the most stringent requirements. Technical support in 24/7/365 mode and troubleshooting at any level is provided, including physical: our own trouble-shooters go to your site and quickly resolve faults in the cable communications system.

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