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‘SKOLKOVO’ Moscow School of Management


‘SKOLKOVO’ Moscow School of Management

Company Profile

The ‘SKOLKOVO’ Moscow School of Management is an international innovative school. It is future-oriented in that it aims to instill in students the unique leadership and communicative skills which are required for the new type of manager of the Twentieth Century (a whole century of human resources). Sharing practical knowledge, the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management aims to bring up business-leaders who would apply their professional knowledge in dynamically growing markets: leaders who would stand at the helm of one’s own business and would be recognized as a driving force of economic development.


In the autumn of 2010, the business-school invited Mastertel to become a partner. This partnership then grew into a full-scale collaboration and joint venture with technological aims.


During project work our telecommunications partner provided a large area of the business-school (the whole site area amounts to 26 hectares) with high-speed Internet and digital telephony services. In Skolkovo, the Service Provider’s specialists built cable channels and laid fiber-optic cable (with 48 fiber capacity). Thanks to all the work performed, staff members of the intellectual-research center received trunk Internet access, as well as a telephone numbers pool (in ABC=495 codes) based on modern batch technology. The provider also registered a block of independent IP-addresses and supplied the capability of routing in the client’s independent system. On top of this, Mastertel set up a modern connection node on the territory of the center. Because of this node, subscribers will, in future, be able to avail of additional telecommunications services.

Mastertel also provided The Campus at the Skolkovo Management School with connection for Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev’s press-conference, which took place on the 18th May 2011. Especially necessary at this event, the Company provided a high-speed connection channel with a 300Mb/sec carrying capacity. Direct broadcasting of the event was run by the State central television channels.

Providing the telecommunications for such a project, Mastertel inputs into the development of great innovative initiatives, significant not only for our country but for the whole world.

“The ZAO Mastertel team displayed ultimate professionalism in its work, reliable business attitude and personal interest in the successful achievement of targets.”

V.Malakhov, Head of the Skolkovo Management IT-Departmen