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Company Profile

TVEL is a fuel company and part of the Rosatom State Corporation. Its main activity is the design, manufacture of and trade (including export) in nuclear fuels and related non-nuclear products. In terms of nuclear fuel volumes, TVEL fully meets the needs of the atomic energy industry in Russia. All Russian nuclear power plants, research reactors, as well as transport plants of the Russian marines use TVEL fuel.

Atomic Electric Plants of Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Netherlands use TVEL nuclear fuel. The fuel company produces fuel for Chinese, Indian and Iranian power plants. Altogether OAO TVEL fully satisfies the needs of 76 energy reactors in Russia and 15 countries across Europe and Asia (i.e. 17% of the global market) and 30 research reactors around the world. As well as their main product (nuclear fuel) TVEL supplies the following non-nuclear products to the Russian and international market: zirconium, lithium, calcium and others.


In 2003 OAO TVEL began reorganizing its telecommunications infrastructure. This large-scale project was run by OAO TVEL in partnership with Mastertel.


The contractor provided the following services: several high frequency channels connecting the company office and its manufacturing plants, traditional telephone services, a customized telephone number and Internet provision.

Thanks to consultations with Mastertel’s specialists, the integration of the new connection channels into the Holding’s existing network was performed with maximum speed and high quality.

‘As a result of our long and successful collaboration, we can declare that Mastertel has fully established itself as a reliable and time-tested supplier of telecommunications services.’

Executive Director of TVEL-Invest, A.V. Ivanov

Mastertel’s complex approach as a telecommunications contractor and its proactive management enabled them to successfully complete the TVEL project and become the Holding’s permanent partner.