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Company Profile

OAO Mosenergosbyt was established in 2005 based on the Energosbyt branch of OAO Mosenergo and, as a result of structural reforms of the Russian electricity energy industry. Specialists of OAO Mosenergosbyt carry out billing payments with public, non-industrial and industrial enterprises as well as technical servicing and installation of modern equipment of electrical energy metering, energy saving promotion and introduction of energy-servicing contracts.

The Company’s mission is the satisfaction of clients’ needs in relation to electrical energy and the provision of a whole range of services in the area of energy provision based on a guaranteed quality of service standard.

Strategic targets of OAO Mosenergosbyt are the maintaining and strengthening of its leading positions, its recognition as an industry quality benchmark and the expansion of its client base.

Mosenergosbyt’s daily target is the satisfaction of current and future clients’ needs with regard to energy supply based on the use of the most up-to-date power supply technologies as well as the development of existing services and the design of new ones along with competitive rate offers.


In July 2007, OAO Mosenergosbyt announced a tender for the supply of its telecommunications services. The Company needed an easy-to-remember telephone number for its call-centre with the possibility of toll-free connection for subscribers across the whole of Russia.

A list of contractor provided services include: Free-Phone number 8 (800) 555-0-555, four E1 channels (G.703) and a 10 Mb/sec Ethernet channel, which was used to connect the head-office (9 Vavilova Street) and a call centre at 110/4 Kashirskoye shosse.

The integration of the new connection channels into the enterprise’s business was carried out within the optimum time frame, with utmost quality and with minimal expenses thanks to the most up-to-date consulting with Mastertel’s specialists.


The intelligent approach of our telecommunications contractor to the enterprise’s task along with a pro-active management approach, enabled Mastertel to successfully realise this project.

Mosenergosbyt’s management received all the required guarantees in the area of its telecommunications infrastructure in the enterprise. This, in turn, guaranteed the project investment and increased its effectiveness.

As a result of completing this project, OAO Mosenergosbyt received a guarantee of reliability of their new telecommunications system operation and the successful development of client services, as well as larger potentials in their services range for the future.

‘The main result for any project is a thoroughly and flexibly designed solution enabling us to guarantee our clients high quality services’

Ilya Nosov, ZAO Mastertel projects Manager.