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Company Profile

Komus is a leader in the Russian computer hardware and office equipment market. It is also one of the largest paper, cardboard and plastic packaging suppliers in Russia. The Company is an exclusive distributor of such Trade-marks as Kores, Sax and Bantex and is an official distributor for 110 leading manufacturers across 15 countries of America, Europe and Asia. Komus possesses modern technical solutions enabling it to promptly react to clients needs. Its contact-centers are equipped with the most modern equipment, enabling it never to miss a single customer’s call.


The Komus chain of shops stormed into the Russian market. Its pace of growth has still not slowed down. With its 84 sales offices across Russia, the Company currently employs more then 7,000 people. Due to its rapid growth, the Company management made a decision to enlarge its telecommunications partners’ pool. The urgent need of one trading point still not connected had to be sorted.


To provide connection to a remote point, it was necessary to lay a path under a tram-line. This automatically made the work more complicated as well as the paperwork required by city authorities. Despite this, the channel was laid on time. This was the beginning of a successful collaboration between the two partners. All point-centers literally within a year began operations based on Mastertel’s equipment. In this way the Company joined Komus’s main provider’s list. At the present moment, the chain is provided with telephony, fibre-optic channels and high-speed Internet access from Mastertel.

‘The flexibility in client relations is a key feature of Mastertel as a partner. All companies have their own set of task and specifics and this must always be taken into consideration.’

Dmitry Solovyev, Head of Key Clients Department