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Company Profile

ZAO FINAM was established in 1994. It is an Investment Company and was among Russia's first firms to provide fund market services. According to the RBC rating agency, ZAO FINAM is one of Russia’s largest stock-brokers. It holds first place in terms of sales share volume at MICEX (according to 2007-11 results). Among ZAO FINAM's many advantages are its technological abilities. The Company’s own products and many free services enable clients to effectively maximize their fund market operations.


ZAO FINAM required a high-speed Internet access channel with a guaranteed peak time carrying capacity.


ZAO FINAM was provided with a 10 Gb optical interface. For operational stability as well as ensuring a channel capacity reserve, Mastertel carried out the routing of BGP's automated systems. A detailed solution will enable us to provide the required servicing standards and guarantee high quality and reliability of services provided.

‘Mastertel's technological abilities enable them to offer clients specially designed solutions, helping them to maximize business processes. For us, the introduction of modern technologies is but one of the elements of the long-term strategy of our Company in terms of competitiveness'

Denis Kazachkov, Mastertel's Active Sales Department Manager