Turn-key building telephonization

Mastertel provides customers with the opportunity to connect buildings to traditional telephone lines. Connection is carried out using copper wires, characterized by high performance and low cost. The subscriber connects to the Mastertel communications center at the office center or, in the absence thereof, to the nearest Mastertel network node. As with terminal equipment, the client can use any analog telephone set and/or stations. PBX equipment is installed and serviced by Mastertel's specialists.

Service features: low connection costs, high reliability, no maintenance costs. Our experience and wide-ranging technological capabilities make it possible to provide a building with a telephone system, beginning with the design and ending with the delivery of a completed communications system. All of our customers are unique, so we are attentive to specific requirements. For example, if the customer requires an MGTS copper cable to perform telemetry, we perform the work, in accordance with the requirements of MGTS technical specifications. Accordingly, in each specific case, the accompanying documentation is prepared, which is extremely important for the prompt coordination of projects.

We consider cooperation with developers as investments in business. That's why most of the tasks and, in some cases the whole cycle of work, is performed at our expense. Within the agreed framework of cooperation, we can service the network for you. This is yet another reason to carry out construction work at the highest level possible.

If necessary, Mastertel Stroy Project Service can lay any type of communication cables of any length (from tens of meters to tens of kilometers). The laying of telephone cable systems is done so using collectors, in soil (on supports and masts), inside and on external walls of buildings, on lawns (with subsequent landscaping), through roads (with the subsequent restoration of an asphalt surface), etc.

Projects are carried out of varying degrees of complexity, taking into account the specifics of the customer's activities and wishes, his operating and financial resources. Its activities are regulated by the licenses of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing and Utility Services, the certificate of trust of the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS) and implemented in the Moscow region.