Construction of basic/reserve telecom integration in databases

All data centers are included in the existing engineering networks of the City. An important role is assigned to communications networks. Mastertel offers services in the design, construction, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of fiber-optic lines. The construction and assembly company (Mastertel Stroy Project Service), which, along with Mastertel, is part of the Prime Business Group holding, specializes in the design and construction and installation work of cable and fiber optic communications networks.

Mastertel Stroy Project Service works on the design and approval of the construction of telecommunications facilities and communications lines in Moscow and Moscow Region, as well as providing consulting services in this area. The Company represents the whole range of services for the design of linear-cable facilities, communications lines and construction of linear-cable facilities.

Features of cooperation with Mastertel and Master Stroy Project Service:

  • Projects of various complexity

  • The features of the customer's activities and all their wishes are taken into account,

  • The production and financial resources of the customer are taken into account.

The advantages of Mastertel and Master Story Project Service:

  • Powerful technical potential,

  • High quality of work performed,

  • Strict and unconditional observance of contractual obligations and terms of construction

  • Extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of line-cable networks,

  • Well-established interaction with the main operators of local communications, energy and other organizations,

  • Developed strategies for approvals with regulatory organizations: e.g. MGTS, Gossvyaznadzor, GUP Moskollektor, GUP Gormost, GUP Gorgaz, and others.

A wide range of specific requests can be met by the service 'Connection to the Master-Connect network'. The customer can buy or lease a part of the optical cable from their building to any point in Moscow or it's suburbs. This may be another company office, a data center or another network of a specific provider. The connection is made without allocation of technological resources or any other costs on the part of the owner of the building. In the building itself there is only a 'jumper', which is a section of the network leading from the tenant's office to Mastertel's optical cable. Permits to lay 'jumpers' are issued by the management company.

Leasing Master-Connect's optical cable is a unique service due to the scale of coverage of the network. Today, more than 150 Moscow providers use the Master-Connect network to provide services to their customers.