Connecting clients with 'dark' fiber

All data centers connect to private and public networks through high-speed telecommunications channels. The bandwidth and coverage density of these channels largely determine the attractiveness of the data centers for potential customers. Mastertel offers data centers the rent or purchase of optical fiber from Master-Connect's network, based upon which the customer will organize their telecommunications system. The Master-Connect network covers the entire territory of Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg with an average optical cable availability in Moscow of less than 350 meters.

In accordance with the needs of each client, a telecommunications line is built, some on 'dark' optical fiber. If necessary, Mastertel installs a fiber-optic line directly to the customer's site. Through the involvement of a subsidiary construction and installation company, connection time is kept to a minimum.

'Dark' fiber is a simple solution that allows flexible use. For example, a company can lease 'dark' fiber and utilize a channel of required capacity and, if necessary, increase it, continuing to operate on the same cable. The cost of renting 'dark' fiber does not depend on the speed with which data is transferred. The stability of the amount of monthly payments is an essential factor for many companies. In addition, with this model, the customer keeps critical communications infrastructure under control.

Renting a 'dark' fiber is the safest solution. If the customer leases a communications channel, they then do not control the operator equipment, which theoretically allows data interception. If a company lays down their own cable, potential hackers can access the cabling, learn from the cable owner's tags and eventually break the connection. In contrast, when renting 'dark' fiber, the customer will be safe in the knowledge that hackers will not be able to find out what fibers are being used. Any FOCL interference will be detected immediately. Following any such interference, a team of technicians will be dispatched within minutes.

Mastertel's network is based on high-quality optical fiber and covers the entire territory of Moscow and it's suburbs. The total length of the Master-Connect network is over 8,000 km. The client can buy or rent part of the network ('dark' fiber) for their own needs. If the so client wishes, it is possible to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which regulates the guarantee of compliance with the technical characteristics of the channel. Thus, you can get a reliable and high-quality communications channel to data centers or between data centers.

Mastertel is the only company that leases 'dark' fiber on a metropolitan scale. This allows you to quickly combine distributed servers, communications equipment and other systems. The capabilities of our network remove restrictions on the use of 'dark' fiber, increase fault tolerance and allow you to assemble any route in a fairly short time, including point-to-point connections between large data centers. Working directly with the provider of 'dark' optics, customers have the opportunity to manage their communications infrastructure without intermediaries.