Connection of communications networks

High-speed Internet connections are one of the main services offered by telecom operators to customers. To do this, the operator must have a broad telecommunications line. Mastertel offers operators the opportunity to connect local communications nodes to their own network at speeds up to 10 Gbit/s. The advantages of this solution are fast connection, high quality communications and reliability of the network. In addition, a large telephone number capacity is at Mastertel's disposal, from which the customer service can be allocated. Mastertel has access to the communications centers of all major operators in the Moscow region, which allows the customer to choose the optimal point of connection.

Mastertel also offers telecom operators the opportunity to connect their networks at the zone level. With this connection, the local network receives its own intra-zone access code.

Master-Connect is one of the largest networks in Europe. Its high density allows you to quickly find the most convenient unit. Traffic exchange between the communications nodes connected to the network is carried out at favorable rates and the guaranteed quality of services is fixed by a service level agreement (SLA). A round-the-clock technical support service reacts promptly to customer requests and, in the event of an emergency, the network's operability is restored in a very short time by special teams.


When entering the market, as well as expanding the business, the main difficulties and capital costs are associated with the construction of networks. Another advantage of cooperation with Mastertel is the significant savings for customers in the construction and maintenance of their own network infrastructure. The Company's capabilities make it possible to bring a new telecom operator to the market as soon as possible or to reorganize their existing business. Mastertel leases its own communications channels or optical fiber, the basic infrastructure for the operator to create its own set of communications services. The operator can also buy a part of the cable.

This solution can reduce one-off construction costs, which are a heavy burden on the budgets of operator companies. In addition, the network start-up time is reduced many times. The construction of one's own network can drag on for several months or even years. With Mastertel, the whole process of selecting areas of interest, negotiating transaction terms and transferring optical fiber to the operator takes only a few weeks. Prompt access to the market allows companies to obtain a serious competitive advantage due to the timely provision of services. Other savings are in the reduction in network support costs. Conducting regular preventative work, as well as restoring the operability of the network in the event of outages, remains the responsibility of Mastertel.

More than 80% of Moscow providers already use Mastertel's services to build their own business.