Mastertel implements the entire chain of events necessary to prepare the client for work in a new or existing premises. Services for connecting communications lines and setting up equipment will be carried out free of charge.

Our major advantage over other building organizations performing the laying of internal communications is our specialisation. Usually the responsibility of the builder ends after the facility has been equipped. Not so with Mastertel! We continue to service your systems during their continued operation. And we are not interested in 'inflating' the budget of the systems built at our expense! We earn our crust on communications services, not on construction contracts.

Choosing Mastertel, along with the preparation of the IT infrastructure, the customer solves the whole set of tasks related to the design, construction and documentation of their internal communications system. It is so important that your telecommunications operator is actually building your network. This will ensure a positive effect on the quality of the service provided.

When relocating to a new office, the client only covers the direct costs for transporting their material assets . When you move, you will retain all of your existing telephone numbers and the complete set of communications services from your old office. Professional migration of the IT infrastructure will not disrupt the business processes of your company when moving. The transfer and debugging of the network infrastructure is carried out before the actual relocation of staff.

With such technologically expert staff certified by leading computer hardware and software manufacturers, Mastertel can also offer its customers cooperation in a complex IT-outsourcing scheme. This model implies the transfer to Mastertel of all functions for managing and maintaining the client's IT infrastructure, including computer equipment, information systems and local area networks.

Together with the implementation of technical tasks, Mastertel takes full responsibility for your IT infrastructure and relieves you of any problems associated with computer equipment and local networks.

We will ensure the reliable and optimal operation of all information systems and their timely modernization as your business develops. In addition, we will take total care of all the issues involved in purchasing new equipment, communicating with suppliers of IT solutions and services, as well as offering our 24-hour technical support to your employees (Help Desk). In the event of unforeseen situations, you will not be left without help! Our specialists will start to solve any problems immediatley.