Construction of international operators networks on the territory of the Russian federation

Mastertel offers services in the design, construction, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of networks and communication facilities and their equipping with various engineering systems. The Company also carries out the complete range of consulting, design and survey phases for the design of linear-cable facilities, communications lines and the construction of linear-cable facilities. Projects are carried out of varying degrees of complexity, taking into account the type of customer activity and demands.

When wireless networks are deployed, Mastertel conducts fiber-optic lines and creates a different infrastructure for the placement of telecommunications equipment on the roofs of buildings. The bandwidth capacity in the optical cable allows management companies to connect more tenants and equipment in line with growing demand.

Mastertel leases high-speed communications lines. The communications channel is provided by Mastertel's own fiber-optic network called Master-Connect. It includes traffic exchange points, allowing the shortest possible route to link them to data centers. This provides the customer with additional benefits such as no infrastructural restrictions.

Mastertel's unique infrastructure fiber-optic network (Master-Connect) is one of the largest urban optical networks in Europe. The network is based on high-quality optical fiber. Master-Connect covers the entire territory of Moscow and its suburbs. The total length of the network is more than 8,000 km and the fiber capacity in the main section of the network is 264 fibers.

Agreements and technological interfaces with the world's leading providers allow us to lease lines to anywhere in the world. As a result of joining international traffic exchange points, Mastertel's Internet traffic routes in the international segment have been optimized, which has a positive effect on the quality of IP traffic and guarantees high-speed and redundancy access to popular Internet resources for customers.

Cooperation with international traffic exchange points is included in the development strategy of Mastertel and the Master-Connect network. The presence of international traffic exchange points makes it possible to provide customers with the highest quality services. Along with a wide range of traditional communications services, we offer unique proposals: the leasing of fiber-optic channels in one of the largest networks in Europe, the provision of digital communications channels of the future, i.e. at 1 Tbit/s.

If the client wishes, it is possible to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which regulates compliance with the technical characteristics of the channel.