For state institutions

Mastertel provides state-of-the-art latest-generation communications services. Among them are high-speed Internet up to 10 Gbit/s., the leasing of communications lines, local telephony services, customised telephone numbers, the leasing of optical fiber in Moscow and St. Petersburg, building optical lines and building remote VPN networks.

The main advantage of working with Mastertel is their comprehensive approach to solving problems of any level of complexity. The Company acts as a single center of responsibility for the entire range of telecommunications services and solutions. One of the principles of work is the formation of a 'single responsibility center' to provide the customer with the most modern communications services, using the resources of Mastertel itself, as well as the structures included in the Prime Business Group Holding.

As a result, customers are given the opportunity to create corporate networks of any level of complexity. They can use wireless access technologies to provide telephony and data services during removals/relocations of offices, warehouses, shopping centers and other premises. They can use services that integrate fixed and mobile communications (FMC) in GSM and CDMA standards. Finally, they receive reassurance that corporate systems are fully checked for any possible weaknesses. All of this will save the customer not only money, but, most importantly, time!

Mastertel assigns a personal manager to each client. This manager will ensure immediate solutions are achieved for any problems encountered in the work process. In addition, our 24/7 support service manages all the elements of your new telecommunications infrastructure.

We have our own fiber-optic network called Master-Connect, which allows customers to connect to the Internet at speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. We have unique offers such as the leasing of optical fiber, the linking of remote offices, customised telephone numbers and many more. The extensive technological possibilities and Mastertel's rich experience provide speedy connection of services with consistently high quality.

Mastertel has a unique fiber-optic network called Master-Connect. It is one of the largest urban optical networks in Europe. The network is built of high-quality optical fiber. Master-Connect covers the entire territory of Moscow and its suburbs. The total length of the network is more than 8,000 km.

The Company's customers are given the opportunity to use its technological potential. They can buy or rent part of the network for their own needs. Thus, you can receive a reliable and high-quality communications line to data centers or remote offices.

To connect to the network, 'jumpers' are laid to the customer's facilities. Their construction is fully implemented by Mastertel, in some cases at the expense of the telecommunications provider itself. Due to the unique scale of coverage, the average distance of the Master-Connect network to the customer's facilities does not exceed 350 m.