Placement of equipment in telehouses and date centers

The company Mastertel provides service providers with the service of placing equipment on their premises in modern telehouses and data centers equipped with advanced engineering systems. When ordering services in the data center, Mastertel provides a high-speed data link from the data center to the customer's office. In accordance with the needs of the client, the channel can be built, including on dark optical fibers. If necessary, Mastertel installs a fiber optic line directly into the client's office building. Connection of services is established quickly thanks to Mastertel’s use of subsidiary companies.

Features of the equipment placement service – a high level of physical and information security, high fault tolerance and round-the-clock availability to maintain business continuity, low total cost of ownership, high-speed connection to public networks, fixed service fees, unlimited access to the server room, free storage of spare parts, tools and accessories. It is also possible to reboot equipment on request, carry out inspections, connect devices, etc.

All sites are conveniently located in different parts of the city near business clusters, communications facilities and transport hubs, to reach them easily at any time of the day or night by any convenient mode of transport.

Sites are interconnected with the rest of the world by numerous high-speed fiber-optic communications channels, which provide customers with unique opportunities to build distributed and fault-tolerant solutions and also provides maximum network accessibility. The operation of modern data centers takes into account all modern requirements in terms of reliability and safety. The redundancy and multi-level security system guarantee clients the security of their data and systems from failure and/or attack.

All systems meet the Tier III reliability level. Each facility has on-duty engineers.

We can fulfill all customer requirements when solving a particular problem, for example, to place equipment of non-standard dimensions or with non-standard power supply, promptly provide the service, transport the customer’s equipment to the data center for free, help with installation and adjustment, solve any issues with communications channels, create additional elements of the security system, provide client offices, etc.

Reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts, various actions, package offers and partner programs make the acquisition of these services not only an affordable, but also a profitable solution for your business, it will allow you to optimize telecommunication and IT costs.