Placement of equipment on the roofs of buildings

Mastertel provides operators with a base infrastructure to create their own communications services. The Company's vast capabilities make it possible to introduce a new telecom operator to the market as soon as possible or to reorganize their existing business. More than 150 Moscow communications providers use the Master-Connect network to bring their own telecommunications services to the market.

When deploying 3G/4G networks, an important component is the preparation of infrastructure for the deployment of base stations on the roofs of buildings. Management companies will always seek to maximize profits received from real estate. Despite this, roof space often remains unoccupied. There is, however, plenty of potential for profit. Potential tenants are mobile operators, as well as companies providing wireless technologies services (radio communications, wireless Internet, 3G, 4G-connections, etc.).

Active transmitters, retransmitters and other equipment usually require placement on elevated open areas. An advantage for the owner of the building is that a rather small area (namely the ‘roof’) can be used by a large number of tenants, since the area is only necessary for equipment as opposed to staff. However, for potential roof tenants it is necessary to prepare the roof area adequately. One of the most important requirements is the availability of a high-speed telecommunications channel to connect equipment.

The Mastertel Company constructs fiber-optic lines and creates a separate infrastructure for the placement of telecommunications equipment on the roofs of buildings. The bandwidth capacity in the optical cable allows management companies to connect more tenants and equipment in line with growing demand. The presence of a high-speed optical cable in the building also increases the attractiveness of renting other areas. Due to the unique scale of coverage, the average distance of the Master-Connect network to the customer's facilities does not exceed 350 m.

An important condition for cooperation is the absence of financial costs to the owner of the building. The whole project completed by Mastertel is carried out at its own expense. Mastertel benefits in the future by providing telecommunications services to tenants.