Master-Connect network

Mastertel has a unique fiber-optic network infrastructure called Master-Connect. It is one of the largest urban optical networks in Europe. The network is based on high-quality optical fiber. Master-Connect covers the entire territory of Moscow and its suburbs. The total length of the network is more than 8,000 km.

The network has a varied structure and is built of high-capacity fiber-optic cables. The joining of building cables' lengths is carried out using special universal splice boxes. This enables Mastertel to carry out the fusion of fibres according to the required configuration. This provides for the linking up of up to 16 cables, all located in their own telephone ‘box’. Optical distribution frames are laid in underground high-capacity trunk junctions. The fiber capacity in each of Master Connect’s main cables is 264 fibers.

Mastertel’s clients are offered the opportunity to use its technological potential. They can buy or rent part of the network for their own needs. Thus, you can get a reliable and high-quality communications channel to data centers or remote offices. Communications operators use Master-Connect as a foundation for building their own networks and launching their own services to the market. The network is free from restrictions on the use of dark fibers, provides network fault tolerance and offers the opportunity to assemble any route in a short time.

To connect to the network, ‘jumpers’ are laid to the customer's facilities. Their construction is carried out fully by Mastertel, in some cases at the expense of the telecommunications provider itself. Due to the unique scale of coverage, the average distance of the Master-Connect network to the customer's facilities does not exceed 350 m.

The Master-Connect network advantages are: low cost of rent or maintenance in comparison with the laying of its own network, high reliability and full redundancy of main sections, reduction of capital costs and minimization of operating costs, ease of adjustment for the client and the ability to order a point-to-point service, long-term relationship, etc.

Mastertel carries out annual modernization maintenance of the Master-Connect fiber-optic network. As a result the reliability and quality of all systems is significantly increased and the network remains uninterrupted. Among the clients of the network are more than 10,000 companies. They include service providers, banks, large state and commercial organizations. More than 2,000 buildings are already connected to the Master-Connect network.