Uniting branches into a single information network

It is not easy for large companies to run their businesses smoothly. This statement is especially true for developers and management companies. The better the business is doing and the more buildings it has under its control, the more facilities it has to serve. Hence the more difficulties there are.

First of all, internal and external communications become more complicated. To contact any employee or department, first you need to understand in which office they are located, get through to them and then ask to be connected with the right subscriber. It is no different with business documentation. Stored electronically on a server, documents must be accessible by any employee. However, the territorial distribution of offices forces the company to either store copies in each branch or, alternatively, to transmit documents on demand using a complex administrative procedure. It is not always possible to understand where the original document is! In any case, we have to develop methods for synchronizing data, which is why the need for collaborative work is so significant. When branches are geographically spread, the process of harmonizing documents, exchanging information and work on common projects suffers. In addition, the load on the company's IT specialists increases significantly. Forced to serve several offices, IT workers require additional staff and solid investment in the development of their network infrastructure. The development of infrastructure, in turn, complicates administration and requires even greater investment. A vicious circle is created. The result is even greater spending. However, the company cannot abandon the development of infrastructure. This would effectively put an end to the further growth of their business.

To break this vicious circle, which is a barrier to business growth, Mastertel offers a solution! An alternative way to developing ones network infrastructure involves bringing together all information resources of geographically distributed offices by using virtual private network (VPN) technology.

The uniqueness of uniting objects into a single information network offered by Mastertel is that, at the physical level, the virtual network is based on the high capacity fiber-optic network called Master-Connect. As a result, the client gets to own a transparent VPN network for its demanding users. Similarly, a telephone network is currently being built using the Mastertel voice network.

What does the client get by choosing this service? First, the client gains the ability to work with geographically spread information resources in a single information spehere. Secondly, they gain the use of an end-to-end numbering system for internal telephones with a single entry point. This is extremely convenient for customers who contact the company using a single phone number, where the operator connects them to the requested extension, as if they are in the same building. Thirdly, the ease of network infrastructure maintenance is extremely important. Our specialists take care of the virtual network and the connecting of individual offices. Technical specialists support local users and internal resources.

Within the framework of cooperation with developers and management companies, Mastertel provides services of uniting branches into a single information network on particularly favorable terms.