Construction and maintenance of telecommunications systems

Mastertel carries out design, construction and maintenance:

  • External and internal communications networks of buildings,

  • Telecommunications inspections

  • Telephone cabling,

  • External communications cables,

  • Telecommunications inputs of external networks.

When ordering the construction of external networks, the client receives a complete set of documentation necessary for submission to the relevant state communications authority.

According to Mastertel's corporate policy, cooperation with developers is seen as an investment in business. The cost of initial set up can therefore, be borne in part or in full (in some cases) by Mastertel. Within the agreed framework of cooperation, the established communications networks will also be serviced.

The construction company Mastertel Stroy Project Service, which, along with Mastertel, is part of the Prime Business Group holding, specializes in the design and construction work for the creation of cable and fiber optic communications networks. It carries out the design and coordination of construction work of telecommunications facilities and communications lines in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as providing industry consulting services. Mastertel Stroy Project Service also lays fiber-optic cable, copper cable and many other types of communications cables of any length (from tens of meters to tens of kilometers).

Often, tenants find themselves tied to specific providers, often absent from the office center. Connection to the Master-Connect network helps to satisfy a wide range of specific tenants' demands. The customer can buy or rent a part of the optical cable from their building to any point in Moscow or suburbs The connection is made without the allocation of technological resources and any other costs on the part of the owner of the building. In the building itself there is only a 'jumper', which is a section of the network leading from the tenant's office to Mastertel's optical cable. Permits to lay 'jumpers' are issued by the management company. Thus, the situation is eliminated whereby new providers enter the building unauthorized. It is the managers who regulate their activities.

Connection to the Master-Connect network for owners of office centers is free of charge. It is important to note that the owner retains control over the communications services provided in the building.

Choosing Mastertel, the developer looks after the entire project related to the design, construction and documentation of external and internal communications systems and significantly saves on costs for external contractors. It is also important that the operator builds the network. This has a positive effect on the quality of the service.