Full range of communications services

Mastertel provides small and medium-sized businesses with a full range of communications services, including high-speed Internet up to 10 Gbit/s, the leasing of communications lines, local telephony services, customised phone numbers, optical fiber leasing in Moscow and St. Petersburg, etc. The main advantage of working with Mastertel is their comprehensive approach to customer's needs. The Company acts as a single center of responsibility for the entire range of telecommunications services and solutions.

We have our own fiber-optic network called Master-Connect, which allows customers to connect to the Internet at speeds up to 10 Gb/s. We have great offers such as the leasing of optical fiber, the linking of remote offices, customised phone numbers and many others. The wide range of technological possibilities coupled with Mastertel's rich experience provide speedy connection of services with consistently high quality.

Owners of small companies usually have an idea of what telecommunications services they need, but do they know what volume is required? Having no experienced system administrator among their staff and without conducting detailed statistics, it is difficult to predict how much traffic the office will generate, how many minutes of telephone conversations there will be or whether specialists will need help in setting up the equipment. In addition, the cost of services is critical for small businesses. Understanding the needs of its customers, Mastertel offers also telecommunications services packages, balanced in terms of costs, quality and volume.

Packages of telecommunications services from Mastertel meet one of the most important requirements of small companies, i.e. the simplicity of obtaining services. The client does not need to understand all of the technological aspects of the service or the intricacies of the equipment. The company simply pays the fee and gets connected!

Packages are also financially profitable. Savings may also be achieved through optimal tariffs for the leasing of digital and analogue communications lines and by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the network infrastructure. Free access to the 'hot line' help service, remote administration of computers and servers, maintenance of routers, switches and other equipment is provided, which makes it possible to do without a regular systems administrator.

Depending on the needs of their business, the customer chooses the most suitable configuration of services. At the same time, all tariff plans have an unlimited amount of telephone and Internet traffic, which excludes unplanned communications expenses and allows you to plan your budget accurately, which is also an important factor for small companies.