Rent of 'dark fiber' between data centers

The capabilities of data centers are determined by a combination of factors. For example, the availability of a remote server or the speed of data exchange. The most important performance characteristics put high demands on the communications channels used. Mastertel can provide a high-speed data link between data centers. In accordance with the needs of the client, the channel can be built, including 'dark' optical fiber lines.

Master-Connect's fiber-optic network is present in all of Moscow's major data centers. Due to the high coverage density (the average distance from any object to the network in Moscow never exceeds 350 meters), the channels from the data center to any point in Moscow can be connected in a very short time. The network also has technological interfaces with most of the world's largest providers. The high bandwidth of the channels is guaranteed by a service level agreement (SLA).

If necessary, Mastertel installs a fiber-optic line directly to the customer's site. Through the involvement of a subsidiary construction and installation company, the connection of services occurs in a very short time.

'Dark' fiber is a simple solution that allows flexible use. For example, a company can lease 'dark' fiber and arrange for itself a channel of the required capacity and, if necessary, increase it, continuing to operate the same cable. The cost of renting 'dark' fiber does not depend on the data transfer speed. The stability of the amount of monthly payments is an essential factor for many companies. In addition, with this model, the customer keeps critical communications infrastructure under control.

Renting 'dark' fiber is the safest solution. If the customer leases a communications channel, they do not ultimately control the operator equipment. This can theoretically allow data interception. When laying one's own cable, the hacker/interceptor may access the cabling, learn from the cable owner's tags and then break the connection. In contrast, when renting 'dark' fiber it will not be possible to identify which fiber a particular customer is using. Any FOCL interference will be detected, leading to the immediate dispatch of a team of Mastertel technicians.

Mastertel is the only company that leases 'dark' fiber on a metropolitan scale. This allows you to quickly combine distributed servers, communications equipment and other systems. The capabilities of our network remove restrictions on the use of 'dark' fiber, increase fault tolerance and allow you to assemble any route in a fairly short time, including point-to-point connections between large data centers. Working directly with the provider of 'dark' optics, customers have the opportunity to manage their communications infrastructure without intermediaries.