Virtual cloud PBX

Cloud telephony is an attractive solution for companies from different sectors: trade, transport, small and medium business, services, etc. Scalability, flexibility and ease of use of the PBX make it easier to manage the business. To use the service, there is no need to purchase an office PBX. It is enough to have a high-speed Internet connection and SIP phones and/or software clients.

Cloud PBX offers extensive functionality in the absence of capital investments and a minimum subscription fee, predictable, and therefore easily controlled, communications costs. The virtual PBX is also a tool for business development and customer care. The attractiveness of the Company in the eyes of partners and customers increases. All incoming calls are guaranteed to be serviced, despite how busy the secretaries are and even in their absence.

Master-office Virtual PBX is a real unified communications platform that integrates telephones, computers, faxes and contacts into a single cloud. In the office, on the road, on a business trip, you will always be in touch. After all, the Virtual PBX does not have a geographic binding - the service is available from any place where there is Internet. And the settings and management are carried out using an intuitive Web interface.

Thanks to Mastertel, office employees gain full access to corporate resources from anywhere in the world. The Company staff can be really widely distributed! This is unique in its scale mobility and continuity of activity.

Each Master-office user gains access to all the functions of a fully-fledged office PBX and a scalable premium cloud service. Among them - unlimited intra-corporate calls, including those between remote offices, short numbers, auto attendant, flexible routing, conference calling, blocking of blacklisted calls, recording of calls, sending and receiving fax messages in digital form via e-mail.

Short numbers in the format 1XX, 2XX, etc. simplify the dialing of numbers of internal and external subscribers. The auto attendant drops the corporate greeting, directs the call to a group or a separate number, voicemail, organizes a queue, etc. The subscriber can set the rules for handling and forwarding calls himself. The rules allow you to forward a call to an auto attendant, voice mail, fax, mobile, landline phone or any other connected device.

Conference calls provide an opportunity to combine any number of participants to discuss working projects. Call records can be used as a tool for monitoring the quality of customer service.

Within the framework of Master-office, a single space is created, including a mail server and a Web portal. Each organization is provided with a resource of the type, and each employee has an email address of the type worker @ Users can keep joint calendars, plan work, schedule meetings, lead projects.

A 24-hour help desk helps solve any technical issues. The service is provided on the same Mastertel technological platform for the corporate segment companies, which guarantees its quality and reliability.