Construction of inlets into the building

All buildings under construction are included in the existing engineering networks of the city: each building connects with power lines and heat supply lines, water supply and sewage systems, etc. An important role is also assigned to communications networks. Even before construction starts, the developer needs a preliminary design (stage P), which incorporates a description of all external networks entering the building. Later, a detailed work plan (stage P) should be provided. At the development stage, however, it is necessary to attract qualified contractors for the design work.


Mastertel carries out design and construction:

  • External communications networks of buildings,

  • Telecommunications outputs,

  • Telephone lines,

  • External communications cables,

  • Telecommunication inputs of external networks.


The experience of our Company's specialists and vast technological knowledge enables Mastertel to implement projects of connecting buildings with external communications networks in a complex way - from the design stage right through to the delivery of a complete communications system. When ordering the construction of external networks, we provide our client with a complete set of documentation necessary for presentation to the State Commission.

According to Mastertel's corporate policy, cooperation with developers is seen as an investment in business. Therefore, most tasks and, in some cases, the complete work cycle, are performed at our Company's own expence. Within the framework of cooperation, the established communications networks will also be serviced.

The construction company Mastertel Stroy Project Service, which, along with Mastertel, is part of the Prime Business Group holding, specialises in the design and construction of cable and fiber optic communications networks. It carries out the design, commissioning and coordination of work in Moscow region, as well as providing industry consulting services.

The company Mastertel Stroy Project Service carries out work on laying fiber-optic lines, copper and many other types of communications cables of any length (from tens of meters to tens of kilometers).

Laying is carried out:

  • in telephone channels and piping,

  • under the ground,

  • on poles and masts,

  • inside and on the walls of buildings,

  • under lawns with subsequent landscaping,

  • through roads with the subsequent restoration of an asphalt surface.


Projects are carried out with varying degrees of complexity, taking into account the customer's specific activities and wishes, his production and financial resources, etc. Its activities are regulated by the licenses of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing and Communal Services, the certificate of trust of the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS) and implemented in Moscow region.