Renting 'dark' fiber

Renting 'dark' fiber is a simple solution that allows flexible use. Advantages of the solution for the customer:

  • Channel capacity control

  • The cost of renting 'dark' fiber does not depend on the data transmission speed

  • Stability of the amount of monthly payments

  • The ability to keep critical communications infrastructure under own control



Renting a 'dark' fiber is the most secure solution, particularly when protecting against hacking and unauthorized access to your data. Under normal circumstances, the user's own cable would be easy to identify by the cable owner's labels. When renting 'dark' fiber, on the other hand, it is almost impossible to determine which cable is used. Any outside interference into the FOCL operation is promptly fixed and immediately eliminated by the efforts of Mastertel's dedicated staff.

It is easier and more profitable to rent 'dark' fiber than to build your own network. It is no coincidence that more than 80% of metropolitan providers use Mastertel's unique network infrastructure (i.e. Master-Connect's network) both for solving individual tasks and for building an entire infrastructure. The total length of Master-Connect's network exceeds 8,000 km. As a result, the average distance of the network to any customer's facility does not exceed 350 m. The network covers most of Moscow's commercial buildings (more than 2,000).

The client can buy or rent a part of the network ('dark' fiber) for their own needs, having already received a reliable and high-quality communications channel to data centers or remote offices. It is possible to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which regulates the guarantee of compliance with the technical characteristics of the channel. Mastertel eradicates all outages and service interruptions itself 24/7/365.

To connect to the network, 'jumpers' are laid to the customer's facilities. The construction of the 'jumpers' is carried out by Mastertel, in some cases at the expense of the telecommunications provider itself. The owner gets the opportunity to connect to the building of any provider, while retaining control over their activities. For owners of office centers, a free connection to Master-Connect's network is provided.

Features of the offer:

  • Unique coverage scale,

  • The extent of the Master-Connect network,

  • Highly reliable radial-ring structure,

  • Full redundancy of main sections.

The capabilities of the Master-Connect network remove restrictions on the use of 'dark' fiber, increase the resiliency of networks and allow you to assemble any route in a sufficiently short time. Our network allows you to create networks of any configuration, suitable for the needs of small operators or to expand existing market leading networks. The network will also be beneficial for point-to-point connections between large data centers and for connecting multiple addresses in different parts of Moscow.