Renting 'dark' fiber between date centers

Mastertel owns a unique telecommunications network called Master-Connect in Moscow and its suburbs, the length of which exceeds 8,000 km. All major data centers and traffic exchange points in Moscow, as well as over 2,000 office buildings are connected to this network. As a result, the network can be used to solve some of the Capital's problems (for example, urban video surveillance, telemetry, etc.). More than 150 Moscow telecom providers use Master-Connect's network to bring their own telecommunications services to the market.


  • The unique scale of coverage, the average distance from Master-Connect's network to any customer's location is lower than 350 m.

  • More than 2,000 buildings already connected.

  • Rent or buy a section of the network.

  • Free connection to the network for owners of office centers.

  • Low cost of rent and maintenance (in comparison with the laying of one's own network).

  • High network reliability, complete redundancy of main sections.

Customers for whom it is important to ensure high availability and a fault tolerant service (e.g. large corporate customers) equipment is usually installed in different data centers, each being connected with fiber-optic channels.

Mastertel is the only company that leases 'dark' fiber on a metropolitan scale. This allows you to quickly combine remote servers, communications equipment and other systems. Because Master-Connect's network is so capable, it removes traditional restrictions on the use of 'dark' fiber, increases fault tolerance and enables you to assemble any route in a rather short time, including point-to-point connections between large data centers.

The client can buy or rent a part of the network ('dark' fiber) for their own needs, having already obtained a reliable and high-quality communications channel between data centers. If the client wishes, it is possible to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which regulates the guarantee of compliance with the technical characteristics of the channel provided. Working directly with Mastertel, customers have the opportunity to manage their communications infrastructure without intermediaries involved.


Renting 'dark' fiber is the safest solution especially when protecting against data interception and hacking attempts. Under normal circumstances, a user's own cable would be easy to identify (simply by identifying the cable owner's tags). When renting 'dark' fiber, however, it is almost impossible to determine which cable is used. Any outside interference into the FOCL operation is promptly fixed and immediately eliminated by Mastertel's dedicated staff.