Virtual cloud PBX

Cloud telephony is an attractive solution for companies from different industries: trade, transport, services. Scalability, flexibility and ease of use of the PBX make it easier to manage the business. To use the service, there is no need to purchase an office PBX. It is enough to have a high-speed Internet connection and SIP phones and/or software clients.

Virtual PBX Master-Office is a unified communications platform that integrates telephones, computers, faxes and unites them into a single cloud. In the office, on the road, on a business trip - everywhere and always our client remains in touch.

What does Master-office provide?

  • A unique service in tems of scale mobility and continuity of activity - employees get full access to corporate resources from anywhere in the world. The Company staff may be widely distributed. Reliable communications is the foundation of well-established working processes of most companies. The need to work at home, take business trips or vacations now does not mean interrupting critical business processes.

  • Customer care. All incoming calls are guaranteed to be serviced, despite how busy secretaries are or even their absence.

  • Business development tool. Increases the attractiveness of the Company in the eyes of partners and customers.

Master-office features

  • Each service user receives all the functionality of a fully-fledged PBX and a cloud-based premium service within a wide scaling range.

  • Unlimited intra-corporate calls, including between remote offices, wherever they are.

  • Short numbers (quick dialing of numbers of internal and external subscribers in the format 1ХХ, 2ХХ, etc.).

  • Auto secretary. The intelligent system that plays the corporate greeting to the caller, directs the call to a group or a separate number, voice mail, organizes a queue and much more.

  • Flexible routing. The subscriber can set the rules for processing and forwarding calls independently depending on the time of day, day of the week. The rules allow you to forward a call to an auto secretary, voice mail, fax, mobile, landline phone or any other connected device.

  • Conference calls. Allows you to merge any number of participants to discuss working projects.

  • Blocking of calls of subscribers from the 'black' list.

  • Calls recording. Can be used as a regular voice recorder and as a tool for monitoring the quality of customer service.

  • Fax. Sending and receiving facsimile messages in digital form via e-mail.

Within the framework of Master-office, a single space is created, including a mail server and a web-portal. Each organization is allocated a resource (of the type) and each employee has a unique email address (of the type). Users can conduct joint calendars, schedule work, schedule appointments, and conduct common projects.

Advantages of the service

  • Easy connection. You only need Internet access or simply call a personal manager.

  • Ease of use. A user-friendly and clear web-based interface is available through the browser. For any technical issues the round-the-clock support service help to solve.

  • Profitable investments. Wide functionality in the absence of capital investments and a minimum subscription fee.

  • Predictable and therefore easily controlled communication costs.

  • Quality and reliability. The service is provided on the same Mastertel technological platform as corporate segment companies.