PBX maintenance

If you wish to avoid connection failures, something which usually leads to financial losses, your PBX should be serviced by a qualified specialist who is familiar with the peculiarities and specifications of the operation of the telephone exchange. The main tasks of PBX maintenance teams include the transfer of subscriber lines inside the premises, the connection to the network of new subscribers and trunks, the programming of various services, the setting of voice greetings and the distribution of incoming calls, monitoring congestion dynamics, the maintenance of stationary and line crossing, monthly checks of all curcuit boards and nodes, etc.

We are ready to take care of your PBX network. We will ensure the smooth operation of the system, timely replacement of curcuit boards and nodes and eliminate all problems associated with telephony.

Mastertel engineering servicing begins with a prompt visit by one of our specialists to carry out remote maintenance, swapping of failed boards and telephone exchange units. These things allow you to restore fully-fledged office work in the shortest possible time. Customers can be assured of the high quality of the service provided.

Our PBX service is a turnkey service. Tariffs for the service depend on the network level: i.e. local (only Moscow), zonal (all districts of the Moscow region) and long-distance (with mandatory connection in each region of the Russian Federation). The cost of maintenance also depends on the model and capacity of the automatic telephone exchange (number of internal subscribers and external lines), location (Moscow, region or other city), as well as regulations (the number of planned/emergency visits, response times, etc.).

Remote maintenance or on-site visits by our specialists are possible. Our specialists carry out both planned and emergency visits to the facility, when prompt elimination of any problems is required. Our equipment failure prevention services include testing and troubleshooting.

In addition, the specialists perform remote maintenance of automatic telephone exchanges without even going to the client's site. The list of services in each case is determined individually.