Connecting office PBX to E1 and via SIP

This service is intended for customers whose task is to actively use local, long distance and international telephony, simultaneously make or receive phone calls on one or several multi-line telephone lines and use the entire set of auxiliary functions – i.e. auto secretary, call forwarding, call holding, conference calling, speed dialing and many others. Connection to the customer's office is carried out mainly through the organization of dedicated digital channels within the fiber-optic network from the nearest node of the Master-Connect network. In the absence of fiber-optic communications within the customer's office premises, the Mastertel Stroy Project Service construction company, specializing in this type of work, conducts the construction of the 'last mile', thereby significantly reducing costs, as well as ensuring the timing and quality of works performance. For the initial period of fiber-optic line construction, the customer is provided with wireless technology communications services with subsequent transfer of telephone numbers and services as part of a final permanent connection.


Main advantages of this service:

  • Any number of direct Moscow telephone numbers may be provided;

  • The organization of multichannel telephones with connection to them of any quantity of connecting telephone lines;

  • The possibility of significant expansion of the telephone network;

  • Obtaining digital communication services with a high level of voice and data quality;

  • Provision of uninterrupted operation of communications based on multiple channel reservation and round-the-clock monitoring of the network;

  • Use of all the capabilities of modern digital PBXs;

  • Possibility to organize all additional services - high-speed access to the Internet, video conferencing, IP-VPN, IP MPLS, FMC and many others;

  • This type of connection is the most reliable;

  • The possibility to transfer the maintenance of the installed equipment and engineering systems to the operation service of Mastertel.

The connection can be provided both within the virtual private network (VPN) and through the Internet with the security of the transmitted information. If it is necessary to connect to the Master-Connect network, the organization of a virtual private network can be carried out via fiber-optic communication lines.

Our technical experts have experience working with PBXs from different manufacturers and can always consult with you on the connection of your existing PBX.