BiTell telephone numbers +7 (495/499)

There are tens of thousands of Moscow BiTell telephone numbers. They are available (simultaneously) in two codes: 495 and 499. The Premium BiTell telephone number service, which incrporates these two Moscow codes is a fundamentally new service in the communications market, which allows customers not only to choose a 'stand out', convenient and easy-to-remember phone number, but also guarantees sole use of ones chosen telephone number (due to the fact that it will be preceded by both Moscow codes (495 and 499). Such a number is therefore extremely well protected against competition. It helps to avoid losing ones client at the initial communication stage. After all, according to statistics, about 10% of people make mistakes when dialing a telephone phone number, for example using the wrong code (495 instead of 499 or vice versa). The availability of the BiTell number improves the efficiency of establishing communication with the target audience by up to 25% by facilitating easier memorization of digital combinations, avoiding false calls, eliminating competition, strengthening the image and recognition-factor of the Company.

Owners of a federal free-phone number (8 800) may pick up numbers with matching digital combinations in the metropolitan area using both 495 and 499 codes. Mastertel currently offers its customers an extensive pool of 7-digit Moscow numbers to choose from (the first digits being 800).

In addition, when connecting Mastertel's telephone numbers, the customer has the opportunity to select special, customised numbers, which are easy to memorize or have other features that distinguish them from ordinary ones. For example, numbers with a large number of zeros or a repeated combination of numbers. Mastertel has a significant pool of phone numbers (more than 100,000) and offers a large number of customised numbers for any given budget.

All services to provide 'memorable' phone numbers: the provision of customised numbers, premium (easily memorable) numbers, BiTell numbers (any, including easy to remember, numbers which exist simultaneously in both 495 and 499 codes) are aimed at strengthening the corporate image, at increasing recognition of the customer's Company and at ensuring a serious competitive advantage. Contact information that is convenient and easy to recall, that is attention-grabbing, not only represents an effective way to win a potential client by strengthening the effect of an advertising or marketing campaign, but also represents confirmation of the resolve of the Company, where the care for the customer is thought through in detail.