The internet

Mastertel provides customers with data center services and server location (colocation) on their premises by building a modern data center equipped with the most advanced engineering systems. With each data center service, Mastertel provides a high-speed data link from the data center to the customer's office. The sites are interconnected with the rest of the world by numerous high-speed fiber-optic communications lines, which provide customers with unique opportunities for building remote and reliable solutions. Maximum network accessibility is also ensured.

For companies working with data centers, Mastertel offers a high-speed Internet connection. This connection uses fiber-optic lines with wide bandwidth. Mastertel's specialists assist in setting up the customer's equipment. The customer can buy or rent a part of the network (dark optics) for their own needs. Thus, you can get a reliable and high-quality communications channel to the data center.

In a very short time, the customer is provided with a complete, ready-to-use solution with a connection speed of up to 10 Gbit/s. The customer also benefits from high levels of line redundancy and bandwidth capacity.

Mastertel's technological solutions differ from others' thanks to their broad line bandwidth, reserve capacity and their high level of security. All of this ensures the reliability of the communications bridge and the stable operation of the whole network infrastructure. The Master-Connect network, built with a main-section multiple backup system, is present today in all major data centers in Moscow.

As the leading communications operator Mastertel also boasts the experience in reserving the largest data processing centers in Moscow. Independent cable routes to Master-Connect's fiber-optic network are linked to the Capital's largest commercial data centers.

We offer our clients solutions aimed at developing and increasing the efficiency of the business. We can implement exclusive solutions, which no other telecom provider can provide to date. For Mastertel, non-standard communications services are the norm! Therefore we strive to implement such solutions with pride.

Reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts and deals, package offers and partner programs make the acquisition of these services not only an affordable, but also a profitable solution for your business. It will allow you to optimize costs.