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Mastertel invites clients to immerse themselves in Digital Ocean...


Mastertel invites clients to immerse themselves in Digital Ocean...

Mastertel has just started publishing the first Russian edition of Digital Ocean, a magazine dedicated to the digital economy and the use of modern technologies in all aspects of our lives. Such a bold and unexpected decision can be explained quite simply: nowadays a printed journal is the most reliable channel of communication with customers, a unique opportunity to reach out to their audience, informing them about new products, solutions and services.

The glossy edition with its first circulation of 10,000 copies is aimed at business owners and top managers and will be distributed next month among Mastertel’s clients, members of business communities and regional authorities. This year’s aim is to reach 25,000 readers.

The Digital Ocean magazine will offer its readership exclusive and high-quality content, the preparation of which the editorial board will involve both businessmen and authorities. Managers and leading specialists of the relevant ministries and departments responsible for innovations will present their vision of the digital transformation of state and municipal administration, economy and society.

The opportunity to express their point of view and share successful examples from the field of digitalization or tell about the problems encountered in the transfer of business ‘to digital’ in a column or article will be provided to all interested owners of enterprises, top managers and other authoritative representatives of the professional community. All those who wish to contribute articles may send their applications (with the topic) to the following e-mail address: .

The first issue is devoted to allowing readers to become acquainted with the infrastructure on which the Digital Life/Economy/Society, its main components, physical and virtual levels will be based. In total, 4 issues of the Digital Ocean magazine are planned for 2020. All of these issues will also be available electronically to subscribers, but a little later. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the magazine's main website:

"We have more than ambitious plans for the next few years: in 2021 we will offer 6 issues and, in 2022, we will publish 12 issues of the magazine. Next year the Digital Ocean magazine will offer advertisement space in each edition. There is also a goal to expand the subscription base of the publication to 100,000 readers”, shared Vitaly Yezopov, General Director of Mastertel.