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Mastertel connects first franchise data center.


Mastertel connects first franchise data center.

Using its own powerful fiber-optic network, Mastertel has provided a reliable connection to the SA107 data center to all business- and data processing centers of Moscow and Moscow region. SA107 is the first center in the Moscow region to be built by 3data on the franchise model.

The SA107 data center is located on the territory of the multifunctional class A+ Industrial City park in Synkovo (Podolsk district) near Moscow. It is an IT-charged industrial enterprise for business, which meets European and Russian quality standards and is provided with a ready-made engineering infrastructure. Thanks to its connection to Mastertel’s network, residents of the Technopark are now able to use modern telecommunications services and cloud infrastructure.

The first phase of the franchise data center implementation on the territory of the multifunctional park Industrial City in Synkovo was completed at the end of 2019. At this stage, a modular data center built by GreenMDC was launched. This solution has a high degree of factory readiness, which allowed the building of the data center in a very short time, to accommodate customers and to provide them with all the necessary infrastructure and quality communication services. For the second stage of the project, a traditional 3data data center with a design capacity of up to 200 racks will be built.

One of the advantages of the SA107 data center in Industrial City Park is its step-by-step availability: being located in Moscow Region, it is in no way inferior in quality to Moscow data centers and allows companies working in the south of Moscow Region to place IT infrastructure near their offices. In addition, connections using Mastertel’s direct optical fiber guarantees reliable uninterrupted communication and high-speed access to data.

"In today's world, the successful business operations of any company require a fail-safe IT infrastructure and high-quality communication. Thanks to the connection to the most powerful and extended fiber-optic network in the Moscow region and the availability of a data center in the immediate vicinity of offices, residents of Industrial City Park can use all the necessary IT services, including Internet access, telephony, cloud solutions, video surveillance, backup ‘dark’ fiber and international communication channels," commented Vladimir Yelfimov, Head of Mastertel’s Corporate Clients Department.