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X-TEAM founded by Mastertel and RussiaDiscovery


X-TEAM founded by Mastertel and RussiaDiscovery

Leading Service Provider Mastertel together with RussiaDiscovery, Russia’s largest active-leisure tour operator, have announced the establishment of the ‘X-TEAM travelers club’. The new members-only business-tourism club will unite like-minded people from different sectors of the economy, striving to discover new things and improve themselves, to make active expeditions to the most beautiful and little-researched corners of our country and to combine rest with professional and personal development.

The first event of a series of trips will be an exciting expedition to the Kola Peninsula. The severe North Sea, picturesque sunsets and sunrises, the tundra, the beautiful autumn colours and, of course, a first-in-season sighting of the northern lights. Participants of this off-road expedition will not only be able to admire this rare atmospheric phenomenon, but also capture all of these impressive moments on camera. The travel program also includes a master class from a professional photographer, a recognized guru in filming nature.

During the five-day expedition participants will be accompanied by professional guides and qualified instructors of the famous operator RussiaDiscovery. Comfortable tent camps will be set up, where there will be evening lectures about the peculiarities of the amazing animal and plant world, revealing the wealth and beauty of our great homeland. The themed discussions around the campfire will allow participants to broaden their horizons in various fields of knowledge: from biology and astronomy to history and local history.

During regular X-TEAM Travel Club meetings, participants will be able to discuss the results of the past expeditions, share their impressions and experiences, plan and prepare for new trips.

"The setting up of such a Club represents a desire to go beyond usual business communications. We want to create a community in which people will communicate on the theme of business and at the same time pay more attention to the amazing world of nature, thus restoring their physical and spiritual resources. This will help to make balanced decisions while taking the interests of our planet into account. We are convinced that informal communication brings people closer together, gives rise to interesting ideas and start-ups, which we hope will begin on X-TEAM club’s first outing. RussiaDiscovery will help us with this!" explained Vitaly Ezopov, CEO of Mastertel.

The new club format of the event will allow the development of domestic tourism in the country and will also help attract tourist flows to the various regions of Russia. It will also popularize an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Mastertel is a telecommunications operator in Moscow and St. Petersburg and has been operating in the market since the year 2000. It is part of the Prime Business Group holding. Mastertel provides a full range of fixed-line services for companies of all sizes. All Russian and foreign telecom operators represented in the metropolitan region currently use Mastertel's network infrastructure, covering more than 80% of all commercial buildings, ODN (dual-purpose supports), all data centers and nodes for the exchange of telecommunications traffic and content. The average distance between connection points to the Company's network does not exceed 350 meters.

RussiaDiscovery organizes active leisure and travel throughout Russia. Trips to Baikal, climbing Mount Elbrus and even an expedition to the North Pole. Experienced guides, excellent equipment, comfortable living conditions and tried and tested trips around Russia. Trip safety with RussiaDiscovery is confirmed by numerous reviews and a Certificate of Entry to the register of tour operators. More than half of tourists become regular customers of RussiaDiscovery.