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IT-Charged Multi-Park opens in Moscow Region


IT-Charged Multi-Park opens in Moscow Region

The Synkovo Multi-Park has become one of the most high-tech complexes outside the Moscow Ring Road. Thanks to its connection to the powerful network of Mastertel, its residents are able to use all modern cloud and telecommunication services.

Mastertel, telecom operator in Moscow and the Moscow region, has connected the Class A+ Synkovo multifunctional park to Master Connect, the most powerful fiber-optic network in the Moscow region. The length of the network is over 10,000 km.

The Synkovo territory will house a 3Data data center within arm’s-length accessibility built on a franchising model. The multi-park is provided with reliable connections by means of direct optical fibers to all business and data processing centers of Moscow and Moscow Region, as well as access to cloud infrastructure.

The residents of Synkovo multi-park have all the necessary tools to run a high-tech business, the success of which largely depends on the reliability, fault tolerance and functionality of the IT and telecommunications systems. Without such solutions, the transition to a digital economy would be impossible. The multi-park offices correspond to the best business centers of the Capital in terms of IT equipment. The optimal location of Synkovo allows a reduction in costs and a corresponding increase in efficiency and profitability of the business.

The multi-park companies have gained full access to modern telecommunication services, which guarantee high-quality uninterrupted communication. These include premium access to the Internet, telephone solutions (E1, SIP, analogue and virtual PBXs, call centres, customized phone numbers, etc.), cloud solutions, including cloud-based video surveillance, back-up dark fibers and international communication channels.

Companies and communication operators of the Podolsk region will be able to place equipment in the local data center of the multi-park (by the renting racks and units), rent modern virtual infrastructure (IaaS, BaaS, SaaS, PaaS) and communication channels L2VPN and L3VPN, as well as gain access to all Internet exchangers, CDN operators, data storage systems for both backup and archival storage.

“It is pleasant to note that thanks to the work of our Company high-quality technologies are becoming more and more widespread. Synkovo, Russia’s first Multi-Park, is equipped with highly advanced communication services, which are on a par with the world’s best analogue systems. Offices can therefore be located here as a solution of any business tasks, for which the availability of reliable and efficient IT and telecommunication systems is critical”, commented Vladimir Elfimov, the head of the department for work with corporate clients of Mastertel.