Mastertel and RussiaDiscovery release limited edition collection of clothing for its customers for New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve Mastertel and RussiaDiscovery, along with leading Russian designers, have released their own limited collection of clothes for their clients. The aim of the joint project is to promote domestic tourism in Russia and to create a long-awaited domestic brand of premium quality clothing for city and travel.


IT-Charged Multi-Park opens in Moscow Region

The Synkovo Multi-Park has become one of the most high-tech complexes outside the Moscow Ring Road. Thanks to its connection to the powerful network of Mastertel, its residents are able to use all modern cloud and telecommunication services.


Mastertel customers choose social media communications

In 2019, the number of calls to Masterte’sl technical support via chats on Telegram and Facebook social networks exceeded the number of traditional telephone and email requests.