Social Responsibility

Mastertel aims not only to develop the country's technological potential, but also to preserve its cultural heritage, transferring the accumulated knowledge to new generations. At the initiative of the company's management, the Museum of Telephone History was created, which collected together the largest collection of rare telephone sets and accessories in Europe. Our St. Petersburg branch organizes thematic exhibitions, master classes and lectures for schoolchildren and students. Thanks to the support of Mastertel, MIT regularly conducts charitable events for socially vulnerable groups. With the active assistance of Mastertel, 2017 will see Moscow's Museum of Telephone History opening its doors to visitors for the first time.

One of the most important tasks facing Mastertel is the development of the domestic data center industry. With the active support and active participation of the Company, regular sectoral events are conducted, aimed at improving the interaction of colleagues from the telecommunications industry and the data center sector.

One of the best social projects for which Mastertel is responsible is the creation of a series of popular science documentary films designed to acquaint the widest possible audience with current basic knowledge on the subject of telecommunications. In the series the following films were released:

The next film in the series dedicated to cloud computing is currently being worked on.

Our advantages


Mastertel provides its customers with a special quality of service, constantly improving the system of service. The Company pays special attention to achieving maximum efficiency in resolving issues. Changing a set of services, the process of connection, the work of technical support, the preparation of documents and other matters - nothing should take away valuable time from customers.


Mastertel knows the needs of its customers and always advises an economically optimal solution. Our individual approach allows you to develop projects that take into account the requirements of demanding customers and companies with a modest budget. We guarantee a significant cost reduction in the implementation of standard projects. Service packages also help to save without harming the quality of service.


Mastertel is part of Prime Business Group holding, which includes its own companies that perform a whole range of services for connecting and servicing the client’s network: construction, engineering and service companies, operating organizations and telecom operators. This is why Mastertel can quickly and efficiently connect any customer and provide them with the highest level of service.


Mastertel owns the fiber-optic network called Master-Connect, the largest infrastructure network in Europe. Currently, more than 2,000 commercial buildings are connected to the network. In Moscow the average distance from any structure to the main cables of the Master-Connect network is less than 350 m. That is why Mastertel cooperates with most developers, managers and owners of commercial real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg, large corporate clients, international corporations, State structures, etc.


Mastertel is on the cutting edge of technology and innovates in practice. Along with a wide range of traditional communications services, the Company has unique offers: the leasing of dark fiber, the provision of digital communications channels of tomorrow (e.g. those with speeds of 1 Tbit/s), the fixing of telephone numbers for the customer for life, the transfer of network infrastructures from one office to another, linking geographically distant units of a large company with a single infrastructure cloud and many others.


Mastertel does more than simply provide services! Mastertel provides communication. The Company will be a friendly partner to its clients for many years to come. Performing the full cycle of work - from designing and building communications to providing the latest generation of communications services, Mastertel solves all related issues and provides the client with a complete, ready-to-use solution.