IBS DataFort swept into Mastertel network

IBS DataFort together with Mastertel service provider conducted a project to upgrade its core network by starting to use the Master Connect telecom infrastructure.


Mastertel completed the telecommunications project for X5 Retail Group

Mastertel Company announces the completion of the telecommunications project for X5 Retail Group, one of the leading grocery retailers in Russia. This partnership resulted in modernization of the existing scheme of fiber-optic lines, as well as in creating new lines.


Mastertel completed another stage of construction of the largest data center at Technopolis Moscow

Mastertel company announces the completion of yet another stage of construction of the Moscow’s largest data processing center, having a capacity of more than 25 MW at Technopolis Moscow. The new data center, occupying more than 10,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 3,000 server racks. A team of professionals from Technopolis Moscow, Mastertel, and Radius Group companies implements the new project.


Mastertel: a cosmic-scale telecom

The Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center has chosen Mastertel as a telecommunications partner. The telecom operator undertakes resolving the organizational and technical issues in order to improve the reliability of the Space Center's communication system.


Mastertel Company increased the data transmission rate

Mastertel Company has successfully completed the first phase of a large-scale innovative project aimed at increasing the capacity of its own infrastructure network. The DWDM network was completed and entered into service as the result of the initial phase of the multi-phase unique project. It will eventually increase the data transmission rate, while maintaining maximal stability and reliability of information flows. The maximal actual bandwidth of communication channels reached 400 Gbps.


Mastertel and Etalon Group extend cooperation

Mastertel Company has implemented a new large-scale project for Etalon Group, one of the largest construction holdings in Russia dealing with all stages of investment and construction process: project development, design, engineering, site preparation, production of building materials, construction, and real estate operation.


Mastertel meets the expectations of large investment holding Finam

The Investment Company ‘Finam’ is to expand its cooperation with the telecom operator ‘Mastertel’. The telecommunications provider has once again won over the competition to provide telecommunications services to Russia’s largest broker. The Tender Committee acknowledged that ‘Mastertel’ was the best company in terms of price and quality.


Mastertel and Masterslavl: strength in skill

The Children's City of Professions, Masterslavl, has chosen the company Mastertel as its telecommunications partner. The main objective of this project was to provide Masterslavl’s main office with high-speed and reliable communication services.


Mastertel and Doctor Web: secure communications!

Doctor Web, the Russian anti-virus software producer, has chosen Mastertel as its telecommunications provider, a Company with extensive experience working with large organizations.


Mastertel’s Internet will help CarPrice to sell their cars quickly!

CarPrice, Russia's largest online used car auctioneer has become Mastertel’s newest customer. Due to the rapid development of its online retail business, CarPrice needed to move to a higher level of effective communication with customers at its central office.