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A new documentary is released: Internet Architecture. The Data Center


The leading telecom and data-center industry companies, JSC Moscow long distance exchange No. 9, DataPro, Mastertel, and 3Data, completed their joint work on the popular sciene documentary "Internet Architecture. The Data Center intended for a general audience.

The new documentary is a next episode in the series of documentaries about the development of modern technologies and telecommunications. "The Network", the first documentary in the series, focusing on the telecommunications networks and features of high-speed data exchange, was released in 2015:

The main objective of the new documentary is to tell the general audience about the data center and its infrastructure, to show the work of its main systems, to demonstrate the current classification of objects, including the iconic communication centers for both the telecom operators and customers, efficient data centers-hypermarkets, and network premium facilities within walking distance from the clients. The story is based on the example of the leading companies in the industry.

The documentary consists of concise, information-intensive interviews of the leading data center industry professionals. The shooting of the documentary took place in the building of the Moscow long distance exchange No. 9, in the data centers of the Roskosmos State Corporation, in the Russia's largest DataPro data center, which received TIER III Uptime Institute Certification, as well as in the 3Data, metropolitan data centers network.

The filmmakers give the audience a rare opportunity to take a look inside the data centers, thanks to which we can enjoy various Internet services every day. Data Center is a fascinating maze of lined up racks and cabinets with mysteriously blinking servers, busy processing many Internet queries in search engines, delivering e-mails to millions of people, or storing huge amounts of data.

"I am sure that the future audience will be very much impressed with the opportunity to see the data center architecture through the prism of high technology, to learn about their features and specific technological processes affecting all areas of modern life. I want to thank all the partners, who invited our company to participate in the filming," comments Vitaly Ezopov, CEO of Mastertel.

The new documentary on communication technologies will be interesting not only to professionals, but also to the widest audience, not only to adults, but also to the younger generation. The documentary presents clearly and concisely the potential, the basic principles and features of the modern telecommunications network, which allows using this video within the educational projects for schoolchildren and students, as well as in workshops and career counseling at high school.

In the near future, the audience will see a new science documentary series about cloud technology, modern means of personal telecommunication, etc.

The documentary "Internet Architecture. The Data Center" can be found online at:

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