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Mastertel completed another stage of construction of the largest data center at Technopolis Moscow


Mastertel company announces the completion of yet another stage of construction of the Moscows largest data processing center, having a capacity of more than 25 MW at Technopolis Moscow. The new data center, occupying more than 10,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 3,000 server racks. A team of professionals from Technopolis Moscow, Mastertel, and Radius Group companies implements the new project.

The market of data centers now is expanding rapidly, due to the strong development of the Internet economy, the increased traffic and the need for computational power. The well thought-out concept of Technopolis Moscow enabled it to make the right strategic decision in favor of assistance in creating a powerful data center. It was based on the calculated trends of formation of stable points of growth in a number of areas of the economy, and on the availability of large generating capacity at the site, the heritage of a great past. Knopp and Combell companies, which later got resident's status, had won the open competition to implement the project on the territory of Technopolis. Based on the project research, the reconstruction of existing buildings and structures was done, and all necessary utilities were supplied to the site: electricity, industrial water, heat, low current drain, and fiber-optic communication lines; enough space was allocated to accommodate the backup diesel generators and related infrastructure.

The large-scale project of creating a data center on the territory of Technopolis Moscow was deployed right at the time, when the company Megafon felt the necessity to construct and modernize its proper new high-performance data center in the Moscow region. Following the recent collaboration, the decision was made to invite the company Megafon as an anchor partner to the site. This October, the deal was closed on the sale of shares of one of the residents of Technopolis, Combell company, which amounted to about 20% of the total project. This event marked the beginning of a new phase - the installation of engineering systems and the creation of a cluster in the territory of Technopolis. As a result of the project and after the completion of the deal, Megafon will become the owner of its proper independent data center. All the production work is scheduled for completion by mid-2017.

Under the project the telecommunications provider Mastertel will be in charge of the construction and maintenance of utility networks, fiber-optic communication lines and nodes.

I am happy to work with such a strong team of professionals. At last, we are beginning to get the results of many years of working together under the project. Along with the data center, the high quality engineering and information communication infrastructure will be created to provide smooth operation of all services. With such strong players in our industry participating in this project we can be sure, that the promising future is not far off, commented Vitaly Ezopov, CEO of Mastertel.

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